Things You Need to Know When Storing Perfume


Although perfumes do not come with expiration dates they are not intended, however, to last for a span of several years. If you are an avid collector of perfumes and loves to wear their different scents, you should know how to store them properly to extend their shelf life.

Here are five things you need to know to keep the scent of your perfumes for as long as possible.

#1 Store them away from Sunlight

Direct sunlight damages perfume bottles, causing the perfume inside to lose its potency. Never ever leave your bottles of perfume out in the open. To preserve well the quality of your perfumes, store them in areas that do not receive direct sunlight. Drawers and closets are great storage spaces for your perfumes as they are dark when closed.

#2 Find a space with a controlled temperature

Another factor that affects a perfume’s quality is temperature. An ambient temperature that is overly hot or too cold lessens the perfume’s quality because it causes the essential oils to react and change its structure. Ideally, a temperature of 70 degrees F should be maintained in your storage space.

Do not keep your bottles inside the bathroom as the temperature in there drastically varies when you shower. Similarly, placing them in the kitchen is a no-no.

#3 Avoid Humid Areas

Humidity is another factor that directly affects a perfume’s longevity. Moisture is bad for anything that you want to preserve. That is why placing perfumes inside the bathroom is not a good idea. To keep their good smell for longer periods of time, find a place that does not get too humid. If you are in a place where it gets too humid during certain seasons, try availing a dehumidifier to control the level of humidity in the room where your perfumes are kept.  

#4 Do not change the container

Do not transfer your perfumes to another container as this will lead to its scent to evaporate. The compounds that made up the perfume is so volatile that the moment it is exposed to air the scent dissipates. That is why you smell a perfume’s scent even from a distance.  It is best that you keep them in the original bottle that the perfumes come with.

#5 Keep Your Perfume’s Original Box

Finally, do not throw away its original box. A lot of people do not realize that the box itself is the perfect storage container for a perfume bottle. Aside from protecting the bottle from harsh sunlight, the box provides an additional layer of protection from the bad effects of humidity and other outside factors.