Summer Men Fashion 101: How to Dress if You’re Not Prepared


A lot of special events happen in the summer. You might get some invites for a wedding, birthday, or concert.

To show gratitude to the person who invited you, the least that you can do is to dress well. You need to make sure that you clad yourself with the proper attire and do not breach any dress code customs.

You can ask a fashion designer to know the right clothes to wear on a particular occasion. You can also read fashion magazines to get some suggestions. Even surfing on the internet will help you a lot in coming up with ideas.

But what if you don’t have a friend who’s a fashion designer? What if you don’t have enough time to search online or read fashion blogs? Well, don’t worry. You can find help by reading this article.

Working the Heat

Most people love the summer heat. They usually schedule their reunion and out-of-town hangouts amidst the scorching heat of the sun. But if you have full-time work in the summer, too much heat is annoying. That is why you need to wear slim and skinny trimmed clothes in the office. It is also best if you have a set of boxy dress to keep your body fresh and prevent ‘sticky’ feeling.

Summer Wedding Getup

As a general rule, when you are invited to a wedding, you need to wear formal and simple attire. But if there is a particular dress code, of course, you need to abide.

Some of the common wedding dress codes nowadays include ‘city formal,’ ‘rural chic,’ and ‘fabulous’ style. 

Unexpected Hangouts

Sometimes, you receive sudden invitations. And since you don’t want to upset the person who sent the request, you will head on even if you are not prepared (at least on the dress side). Due to these unexpected scenarios, experts suggest that you must secure a ‘bring-it-all-bag.’ Just place your leather suits, sneakers, and belts inside the bag, and you’re ready to go to any occasion.