Stayin’ in Fashion and Rockin’ It


You need not be a designer to create a fashionable look. It also does not mean you need to buy all the clothes in trend to look stylish. You can be fashionable without being broke, and you can stay in style with whatever you have in your closet right now. Here are some essential tips also to help you slay that glamorous look.

Plan to Stun

Planning and preparing your outfit can save you a lot of time. Ever heard yourself saying you do not have anything to wear? Well, maybe you just aren’t planning. Yes, you can already conceptualize in your mind what will your get-up be the next day or even better you can prepare it the night before. Preparing will make you a few steps ahead. But with daily planning, you run out of options, too. You can solve this problem by getting inspirations from others. Watch fashion channels, read magazines, visit fashion sites, or observe people all around you. After drawing your inspirations from them, search through your closet, and definitely, you’ll find that perfect new matching outfit. It is also helpful if you can make a list of the ensembles you have paired, mix, and match. You’ll be surprised by how many pairs you might come up.

Fallback Outfit

When all else fails, you will need this. When all your planned outfits do not suit you or are not suitable for the day, your emergency clothes will save you. A fallback outfit should still be comfortable, within your style, appropriate for every occasion and easy to match. These are also clothes that are basic and should be a staple in your wardrobe. These may include a plain tee, jeans, denim jacket, and white sneakers. So remember to keep that outfit within reach.