Save Lives, Donate A Mascara Wand Today


Have you ever wonder what to do with your old empty mascara? We bet it would never occur to you that it could save lives. All you have to do is wash it, clean it, dry it, and donate it. A simple donation can save hundreds of lives of endangered animal species.

How did the Movement start?

The founder started the idea with her friends. She created a post asking for donations of empty unused mascara wands. And the reason is surprising – it is made with densely packed bristles.

Plenty of animals die when a larva infects its skin. Removing the larvae from the skin is not enough because it could possibly have some eggs sticking on the fur and will infect the host as it grows. Now, the bristles from the wand are the perfect tool to brushing those dangerous fly eggs and larvae away from the skin and fur.

The post got viral when she was only trying to reach a few friends, but more people all over the world support their cause. This is how the Wands for Wildlife started.

A New Wildlife Program

The program received amazing success worldwide. They regularly get donations from different groups and individuals.

At first, they were only using it for furred and feathered animals. But they have soon discovered plenty of other hacks to use the wand and save animals.

The team behind the program found success in using the bristles to thoroughly clean animals without causing any injury to their sensitive skin. Aside from grooming, they also use it to clean syringes. It turns out the little size of mascara wands fit the job perfectly.

To make a larger difference, the team started sending wands and guides to different wildlife supporting groups in the country. They think that more animals will benefit from it. As their team grows, they need more wands to help more animals. Try donating a mascara wand to the group!