Queen Elizabeth’s Dreadful Deformity


Queen Elizabeth I was dubbed as the Queen with the white face and the reason behind this is quite saddening. At the age of 29, Elizabeth became ill and was first believed that it was only due to a normal fever but later found out that her illness was much worse than that – she was diagnosed with dreaded smallpox.

The Contamination

During her early reign, the condition was treated with fear for it is a viral and deadly disease, even highly contagious. Treatments, medicines or different forms of cure do not exist back then due to the lack of research and technology. Without the proper remedy, a normal person suffering from this disease has a high chance of dying.

The Monarch’s Flaws

Queen Elizabeth almost succumbed to her death but fortunately survived. The aftermath of her disease that nearly ended her life actually led to the iconic and well-known makeup style she has been donning all her life. The look made Queen Elizabeth into one of the most identifiable British monarchs

She eventually recovered and slowly become healthy once again. She immediately set about making sure that her previous beauty will return. She had always been praised and complimented for her glamour, elegance, elaborate clothing and her white flawless skin.

Sadly, after her recovery, the Queen was left with a long-lasting reminder of what she went through and it led her to devastation. Especially when she came to the realization that her skin would always show the hideous scars of the disease that almost killed her.

To help her hide the ugly marks, she began to cover her pockmarks using many layers of heavy white makeup. The “Venetian ceruse” is what she used, and according to researchers, this dense mixture of lead and vinegar might have potentially caused her death in the long run.