How To Love Your Body More


Almost all people feel insecurity. People can’t seem to have satisfaction of themselves. With social media sensationalizing everything, keeping up with what’s ‘in’ and ‘new’ has become the norm. And this practice has made many people even more insecure.

More people, however, are coming into the spotlight to highlight the importance of loving one’s self. Prominent social figures are moving towards a larger purpose of promoting body inclusivity. They want people to feel more accepted than they thought. Even celebrities, who most of us thought are confident and satisfied about themselves, share their struggles with body shames issues.

As the month of May is Mental Health Awareness month, it is very timely to discuss topics about mental health issues, specifically on self-love. What most people should realize is that self-love starts from you appreciating the body that you have. You don’t need to be ripped to look good. You don’t need to have a sexy body to feel loved. Such standards could lead to you always comparing yourself to others. Loving your body and yourself is an important journey everyone needs to start doing.

Understand Body Positivity

Plenty of companies ride along with the body inclusivity movement in order to sell their product. It would involve making the person feel imperfect which is why they need to buy certain products to feel good about themselves.

The real meaning of body positivity is thinking that every human being is perfect, not what they look or feel. People need to understand and accept that so they will feel contentment.

Respect Your Body

The first and most important step towards self-acceptance is respecting your body. Most people are ashamed to look at their naked bodies. A lot even practice exercise and proper diet. But without respecting our body, these things mean nothing.

Listen to your body, and say nice things to your body every time you can. You’ll find yourself loving it more when you see it in a positive light.

Get Out Of The Negative Self Talk

Avoid talking negatively to yourself. This will attract all bad things and lead you towards insecurity and dissatisfaction. The best ways to get out of it is to meditate. Try practicing yoga.

These are just some of the things you could do to start cultivating self-love within you. What’s presented here are guides that could help you start to see all the beautiful things you possess. But it all has to start from you.