How to Create Outlook Account Without Phone Number

How to Create Outlook Account Without Phone Number

One of the major corporations where internet technology is concerned today is Outlook. Also referred to sometimes as either Rocket Mail or Hot Mail, there is a lot of use to which you can put this amazing resource to. As you are likely already aware, in this day and age, you simply need the services that a corporation like Outlook offers. Consider the level of reach that they have, you can use what they have to offer you to boost yourself in different areas.

Now, while the merits to signing on with Outlook are quite obvious and are far beyond question, there are a couple of things that you need to be fully ready and prepared for, moving forward with such an endeavor. It is no secret that the world that we live in today is one that is quite fraught with danger, especially where actions that are carried out on the internet are concerned. As a result of this pressing concern, there has been a lot of pressure on major corporations like Microsoft, the parent company that operates

Outlook to do all that it possibly can to ensure that the risk involved in carrying out activities online is reduced if not completely eliminated. To that end, just like many of their counterparts, Outlook has developed a number of strategies that you can rely on to help keep you safe if you plan to do anything with their platform and services.

Along these lines, one of the measures that Outlook has devised is to use something called a Captcha test to ascertain that you are indeed a human and your device or account is not used to perpetrate anything that you do not truly and fully approve of.

However, conventionally, the best way through which you can access their host of services is to release your phone number.

But if you want to be sure you have complete safety on all fronts here, an option that you have here is to find a different way to get the use of their services without giving up your number. Here, we will be carefully looking at a few of the most ideal routes through which you can easily reach this goal. When you know what a few of these means and ways are, you can better decide what to do.

Method One – Bypass Captcha Test by Restarting Your Router

One of the ways that you can more easily access Outlook without using your phone number is to simply clear the cache of your browser and restart your router. This will effectively sort any problem that your server might be experiencing with Outlook.

Method Two – Get a Virtual Number For SMS Verification

With the aid of a virtual phone number gotten on, you can better manage your access and use of Outlook. Through this method, you are exposed to less stress and you don’t need to bother yourself about the possibility of a security breach.