How to Clean Your Curling Iron

How to Clean Your Curling Iron

Curling irons are an essential feature in every woman’s tool kit. You need them to perfect that hairstyle and add a few necessary touches to your look. This means bringing your curling iron in contact with many hair products constantly. Sadly, hot styling tools generally don’t interact well with hair products. The products tend to leave a lasting, damaging stain on your tools.

Like many other people, Jillee Nystul originally thought there was absolutely nothing that could be done about this issue. However, one day, she made a serendipitous discovery. While trying to do something else entirely, Jillee stumbled on a way to get her curling iron clean and looking good as new.

The best part is that the materials needed to carry out this activity are things you can easily find at home or get at the store. Here’s her secret to owning sparkling clean, hot styling tools that come in contact with hair products regularly.

Cleaning your Curling or Flat Iron Easily Yourself

“Stay comes first,” says Jillee. This is why before attempting to carry out any activity on your styling tools, ensure that it’s not only disconnected, but also completely cold to the touch to avoid any accidents.

The next step is getting hold of two very important ingredients,

  • Baking powder, and
  • Hydrogen peroxide

Next, you mix these two ingredients at a very specific ratio. Add the below into a glass bowl.

  • Two tablespoons of baking powder
  • Half that quantity of hydrogen peroxide

After this, steer slowly and carefully with a spoon. You might observe a bubbly reaction at first but ultimately, it settles down into a nice paste.

Now, the moment of truth has arrived.

To achieve the most desired result here, technique is indispensable. Jillee suggests that you attack the most affected areas first. You do this by carefully and thoroughly applying this special blend to the most burned out parts of the tool you want to have cleaned out.

Extra care must be taken to make sure you don’t get the mixture on important parts of your tool like its electrical components as that may seriously impact the functionality of your tool.

This is the most pivotal aspect of the preparation process as it lets your ingredients mix thoroughly and settle in the right places on your curling iron. That way, you can ensure the effectiveness of the paste you prepared. To be on the safer side, Jillee recommends you wait no less than an hour hear to get the best results

However, it’s crucial to not let the paste dry out.

However, if it already has when you get back, you can easily add a small quantity of hydrogen peroxide to soften it up and add a bit more moisture to it.

Jillee strongly advocates this cleaning mixture as it is not only good for your styling tools, you can use it to remove stains off silverware and even your pressing iron.

A big part of enjoying your hot styling tool is making sure you get top-quality from the get-go. You can check out some of the best curling irons for your hair go to the site