Celine Dion Slew the 2019 Couture Week


We are used to supermodels and actresses surpassing everyone and become the star of the coveted week of exhibition. Everyone in the fashion industry is looking forward to this week full of vogue. But this year, Celine Dion just swept them all.

The diva from Canada has flaunted a lot of flamboyant outfits since the week started. She has made everyone in the fashion industry, including the press and the paparazzi, while walking through the catwalk in Paris.

What Celine Dion wore

She started the week-long fashion occasion with a bang while wearing a unitard from Chanel with matching chain logo belt that made her look like an athletic Catwoman. Next, she paraded a feathery pink Attico bustier and some denim jeans and a purse from Fendi. She also channeled her modeling side by wearing an off-white graffiti-printed bodysuit with a blazer without wearing any pants, which has a very appealing look.

During the Miu Miu exhibition, Dion wore a pink number that has no straps and is completed with a large black bow from Miu Miu itself. She also put on a custom-made haltered dress designed by Daniel Roseberry, Schiaparelli’s newest creative manager. She then completed her appearance with a head wear made by the coveted designer, Stephen Jones.

How Celine Dion shook the catwalk before

Believe it or not but Celine Dion has been sporting these outfits even during the previous couture weeks. She first appeared in the said fashion event in 11 years last 2016. During that time, she made everyone shocked with her large Vetements Titanic hoodie jacket.

She is also known to have worn some of the most amazing looks during the brightest week in the world of vogue. One of which is wearing a Balmain collection that costs around $26,000, and a colorful floral pantsuit by Roberto Cavalli. That truly means that Celine Dion can do more aside from swooning our hearts with her songs.