3 Trending Accessories in 2019


Seasons change, and so does the trend. Every year or season, new products are introduced into the market – clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry, and anything that screams fashion statement. Themes and colors are often affected by different trends as well. This Spring 2019, striking accessories takes the spotlight.

Here are the best and hottest spring accessories for you to try:

#1 Embellished Hair Clips

These eye-catching clips somehow take us back into the past. When you incorporate these types of hair embellishments to your outfit, it gives off a look that is similar to the 90s. This will suit a lot of people, especially those who are into vintage styles of clothing. It’s also great that these trendy clips come in different sizes, designs, and colors to accommodate every woman out there.

#2 Mini or Micro Bags

This time, the smaller is better. Backpacks and huge shoulder bags are out and, instead, new and unique smaller bags were released for the public to check. While small handy bags have been in the industry for a long time, designers took a step further and created micro bags. Bags that are so tiny, they can’t even fit a phone or purse! So if you’re someone who prefers functional pieces, this isn’t for you. But if you simply want to stand out, purchasing a micro bag isn’t that bad a choice.

#3 Clear Shoes

It isn’t Cinderella material, but these clear shoes are an excellent alternative for all the women out there who desires to feel like a princess. Just keep in mind that it’s made of plastic – not glass and you won’t be the only one to fit in those pairs, unlike Cinderella. Still, a clear pair of shoes is unique and creates a huge personal statement on your outfits, so go ahead and try one!