1960’s Inspirations Continue to make Trends in Today’s Fashion


Today’s fashion is geared towards being more and more casual. Street fashion is being embraced by major fashion brands all over the world, as championed by the likes of Supreme, Nike, and Off-white.

However, before the 1950s high fashion is not necessarily willing to be casual. The decade that started the revolution to casual clothing is the 1960s, and the inspirations and trends it brought to the fashion industry continue to trend in today’s street style wears.

Who Pioneered Casual Clothing

60s fashion is characterized by forward-looking, space-inspired (primarily driven by sci-fi franchises like Star Trek), cheap and especially casual street clothing. Its modernist style is fueled by the need for functionalism – borrowing utilitarian inspiration from menswear such as jeans, jersey, flannel, and pinstripe fabrics.

Perhaps the most iconic of the 1960s fashion figures is Mary Quant. Her articles of clothing are more youth-oriented and tailored to allow women to freely move and run, not restrict them. She was one of the first to champion miniskirts, a bold testament at the time to casual wear movement. She started her fashion brand in the 1950s. Expensive pieces are the mark of times, but she later offered affordable options and progress to mass production.

Another icon whose works continue to inspire today’s fashion includes Piere Cardin who introduced space-age tunics in silver tones, which is a color highly publicized with regards to space travels. He even created his own fabric which he called Cardine in pursuit of his futuristic style ready-to-wear clothing.

Today’s Brands Channeling the 60s Vibe

Fashion brand Yperlab, with boutiques in London and Paris, is just one of the modern brands producing pieces inspired by the 1960s vibes. There are also the likes of Christian Dior and Gucci who both had fashion shows back in 2014 which are inspired by space-feel, astronaut-like vibes of the movie How to Steal a Million top-billed by non-other than Audrey Hepburn herself.

Meanwhile, Ops&Ops, a footwear brand, offers shoes inspired by the dominant color of the 1960s, as well as the highly iconic 60s movie Barbarella.